The WBEC ORV is an organization for women business owners interested in promoting, developing, and maintaining business relationships with other women business owners, major corporations, and governmental agencies. WBEC ORV is one of 14 regional partner organizations of the Women’s National Business Enterprise Council (WBENC). Our charge is to certify bona fide women-owned businesses and to promote the activities directed at the development, establishment, expansion, and encouragement of businesses owned by women. The WBEC ORV was established in March 2009 to provide premier WBENC certifications to women-owned businesses in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

The WBEC ORV operates under the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati’s Economic Empowerment Center through a collaborative effort with the WBENC. This collaboration allows for the leveraging of two strong organizations, one dedicated to building businesses in our community, the other dedicated to the economic empowerment of women-owned businesses in our region. WBE certification is required by numerous private-sector companies and governmental agencies. During 2009 the WBEC ORV certified and/or recertified over 500 women business enterprises.

About the WBEC ORV

The WBEC ORV provides a national, premier WBENC certification to women-owned companies in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Major corporations and government agencies utilize the WBENC organization as a clearinghouse for women suppliers seeking procurement opportunities. Currently, over 1057 women-owned companies are certified through our region:

  • Ohio – 808 Women Companies
  • Kentucky – 215 Women Companies
  • West Virginia – 28 Women Companies

Benefits Of Certification

  • National recognition by thousands of major U.S. corporations and several public agencies as a certified WBE.
  • B2B opportunities with other WBEs via networking and database access.
  • Procurement inquiries by governmental and private entities that utilize WBE database to access potential vendors.
  • Women’s Business Enterprise Council Ohio River Valley networking opportunities both internal and external.
  • Advocacy of women-owned businesses to major corporations, government agencies, and other buying organizations


WBEC ORV is a premier certification organization that drives economic empowerment and advocacy for Women Business Enterprises. We strategically influence and engage both our private and public sector partners to significantly increase WBE spend within their organizations


Dedicated to advancing the success of WBE’s – Women Business Enterprises, corporate members, and government entities through certification, partnerships, networking, and leadership development.

Core Values

Integrity, Advocacy, Efficiency

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WBEC ORV is operated by the Greater Cincinnati Urban League’s Business Development and Entrepreneurship Department under the authority of WBENC. The Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio.